A Ghost Story

The pendulum swung faster and faster, as I asked it questions.  At times, I felt as if the pendulum was going to pull my arm down to the table.  My dad was impressed with the fact that the Kreskin’s ESP game would answer my questions, especially since I was only nine.  Yes/no questions and spell out an answer for me were the types of questions I would ask it.

Along with using the Kreskin’s ESP game, my parents sometimes would have a lady come to the house and pull out tarot cards.  I heard my parents ask the lady various questions about the future and this lady would start laying the tarot cards on the table and answer their questions.

Growing up, I had experienced some strange and eerie events in that house.  One night, I woke up and saw a ghost-like woman floating above me.  I thought I was seeing things so I pulled the covers over my head and waited for a couple minutes.  When I pulled the covers back, she was still there.  I was afraid to move but I again pulled the covers over my head.  When I pulled the covers back she was gone.  Over the years, my parents and other adults talked about seeing things in the house.

Going down into the basement was an adventure too.  I hated to go down to the basement by myself. Whether I went by myself or with someone else, I would sometimes sense there was someone there but there wasn’t. When I got older, my dad shared with me that he also felt that presence sometimes, when he was down in the basement late at night.

These experiences drove me to find out why these things happened. In my search, I found out that my grandparents had built the house and that my parents had bought the house off my grandparents.   Other relatives told me that while my grandparents had owned the house, nothing strange happened.  It was only after my parents had bought it that strange things started happening.

My answer didn’t come until I became a Christian and searched for answers in the Bible.  God, in Deut 18:9-14, commanded the Israelites not to do or teach others to do the abominations of the other nations.  He told them not to perform human sacrifices of their children, go to fortune-tellers, trust in the constellations (like we do with horoscopes,) cast spells, go to or become a witch or wizard, or conduct a séance to contact the dead or have someone perform a séance to contact the dead for them.

God said all these things are an abomination to Him.  It means that it is disgusting and repugnant to Him. The Israelites were to possess the land God had given them and worship Jehovah God, the one and only true God, without doing as the other nations did.

In 1 Samuel 28, King Saul asks a woman at Endor to contact the prophet Samuel, who had died.   While she was trying to contact the dead, she cried out and said, “I saw gods ascending out of the earth.”

She was literally saying I saw a godlike one coming out of the ground. In other words, she had contacted demons and they were communicating with her.  She went on to tell him that he and his sons were going to be killed in battle.  This was the price God required of Samuel for his disobedience.

I realized that what I and others experienced in the house I grew up in was demonic.  By using the Kreskin’s ESP game, tarot cards, Ouija boards, and other similar things, the door to demonic forces were opened and supernatural and unwanted events occurred.

God told the Israelites to stay away from such things and Christians should heed that warning as well.  Christians have no business messing with anything that is an abomination in the sight of the Lord.  Let’s not trust in demonic forces but in the one who is all powerful.  Jesus Christ is the only one we need and He is the one that has all the answers.  Don’t turn to fortune-telling.  Instead, turn to God.

Pastor Harry

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