Don’t Be Silent

While there are many Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes that we know, and make an impact on us. One of the ones that I think of is when Dr. King said, “In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Have you ever been guilty of remaining silent when you should have spoke up? In today’s text, a man known only as King Lemuel is passing on wisdom that his mother had passed on to him. Proverbs 31:8-9 says, “Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die. Open your mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.”

King Lemuel’s mother passed on to him that there is a time to be silent, but there are also times that you must speak up. We must speak out against any and all injustice. We must speak up for the most vulnerable among us. Of course, this requires us to recognize that these things are happening around us. It is interesting that the king’s mother is telling him to remember the “little people” in his kingdom. Most of the time, royalty doesn’t pay attention to the supposed peasants. They live a different lifestyle, and concern themselves with other things. Maybe you and I aren’t royalty, but can we fall victim to the same things? I think so. We get so busy and caught up in our own life, that we can walk past people who are crying, scared, or alone and not even notice them. Their faces are just a blur in our mind, a drop in the ocean of humanity. Yet, as a Christian, these are the ones that God has told us to speak up for, to love, and to defend.

I believe a word of caution might be warranted here however. Don’t go spouting off at the mouth. Like yesterday’s post, not every issue demands our opinion. We would be wise to learn the facts, and not just the parts that fit our personal narrative. We would be wise to pray before we speak, remembering that our highest calling is to glorify God with all of our life and to point others to Him. When we must speak, we must speak clearly, with conviction, and compassionately. There are many who are lonely, mistreated, products of injustice, and who feel forgotten. Will we notice them? Will we love them enough to give them one of our most valuable assets, our time? Will we share and show the love of Jesus to those around us?

By His grace and for His glory,

Pastor Justin

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