God Draws People To Himself

Today’s reading comes from Genesis 24. Genesis 24:26 says, “Then the man bowed down his head and worshipped the Lord.”

Genesis 24 is the story of Abraham sending his oldest servant back to his home area to find a wife for Isaac. While on this journey, the servant made a specific request to the Lord. The servant wanted to make sure that the woman he found for Isaac was indeed the one that the Lord wanted Isaac to marry, and the one who Abraham would approve of. Therefore, the servant asked, let the woman who comes to the well and gives me something to drink when I ask for it, and volunteers to also give water to my camels, let her be the one You (God) have chosen for Isaac.” God grants this request, and in doing so, the servant worships the Lord. It is clear that the servant isn’t a believer or hasn’t surrendered in faith to God. This is clear because he refers to God as “the Lord of my master Abraham” instead of simply referring to God as his God. Therefore, we see God using this event to draw the servant into a saving faith in God. While the servant thought he was going on a journey to find a wife for Isaac; God was sending the servant on a journey to find something greater than a wife for Isaac, God wanted the servant to find Him, and trust in Him.

There are a couple of important lessons for us in this story. The first is that everything God does or allows in our lives has a purpose. For the unbeliever, God is trying to draw you into a relationship with Himself. He will use anything He deems necessary to do so. For the believer, He uses circumstances, trials, difficulties, and even good times as a method to draw us closer to Him, and into a deeper dependence upon God. Therefore, we need to learn to evaluate what is going on in us and around us by asking the question, Lord what are you trying to show me or do in me through this circumstance? The second lesson we can learn is that God answers our prayers. On his own, the servant would have not had any way to know which woman was the right woman for Isaac. However, upon asking God to reveal His will, God does. I am convinced that the biggest reason we don’t see God move in our lives, our families, our churches, and our nation is not because God doesn’t want to, but rather because we don’t ask Him to. God is not playing some cosmic hide-and-seek game. He invites us to seek after Him diligently with our whole heart, and He even gives the promise that if we do we will find Him. What areas do you need to see God move in your life or your family? What is the church you attend asking God to do in them and through them? Have you asked Him? Let’s remember, we can do a lot after we have prayed, but we can’t do anything that will make a difference until we have prayed.

By His grace and for His glory,

Pastor Justin

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