It’s Not About Me

Have you ever met someone who thought they were indispensable to their company or maybe a team that they played on? I think we have all met that person. I would even take a guess that at times in our life we have been that person. We may not have said it just the way I put it, but we felt we were really important, and that things wouldn’t be the same if we weren’t there. If so, let Moses’ story be a cautionary tale for us all. Deuteronomy 34:6 says, “And He buried him in a valley in the land of Moab, opposite Beth Peor; but no one knows his grave to this day.”

This is a record of the end of Moses’ life. The time has finally come for Moses to leave this life and enter into his eternity. This is a journey that we must all one day take. It is a journey that we must all be prepared for by having surrendered to the grace of God and be saved. Moses wasn’t allowed to go into the Promised Land, because in a moment of anger and frustration, he deliberately disobeyed God. What that story tells us is that God disciplines His children for their sin, but they are still His children. We see another act of God’s grace towards Moses in God sending Moses up Mt. Nebo to look out over the land that God was going to give to the children of Israel. God even gave Moses a supernatural viewing of all the land, because some of what Moses saw wouldn’t be visible from where he was at the time. But God wanted Moses to know that He was faithful to His promises and faithful to His children.

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There is significance in the fact that Moses’ grave is unmarked. The significance is this, it’s not about Moses. Moses was a servant of God. Moses was to bring honor and glory to God. We as humans have a natural inclination to worship people, just look at famous athletes or entertainers who die, and the responses that pour in from people. If we knew where Moses’ grave was, I am sure that it would be a popular tourist destination for Jews and Christians. The end of Deuteronomy tells us that there was never a prophet like Moses after Moses; that is, until Jesus came along and was not only a better prophet, but He was the promised Messiah. I remember hearing pastor Matt Chandler say something years ago that has stuck with me; pastor Chandler said, “The man goes into the ground, but the mission goes on.” I believe that is the message of the end of the book of Deuteronomy. It was never about Moses, it was always about God. It was about who God was, and what He does for His children. My job as a husband, father, and a pastor is not to have people be inspired by me or in awe of me. My responsibility is to be faithful to God and His calling on my life, and to make sure that I point those around me to Him. One of these days I will no longer be here. What will my legacy be for my wife, my children, and the church? May it be nothing of what I’ve done, but may people only speak of what Jesus did for me in saving me, and what He did through me in pointing others to Him.

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One other lesson that I think this story once again brings home is that there are consequences for our sin. Moses still belonged to God. God still used Moses to lead the children of Israel, and to represent God to Israel. However, for all the good that Moses did in his life, he still paid a price for willfully and blatantly disobeying God. This should be a warning to all who are disciples of Jesus, that while our relationship with God can never be taken away, His hand of blessing and our usefulness for the kingdom of God can be.

By His grace and for His glory,

Pastor Justin

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