Sexual Sinners

The title of this blog will probably catch a lot of people’s attention.  They will most likely assume that because I am a pastor that I am about to rail against homosexuality.  They are right, but only half right!  Is homosexuality a sin?  Absolutely, both the Old and New Testaments teach that. However, we must come to understand something.  As David Platt pointed out at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary’s chapel this past Tuesday, heterosexuals, specifically men, are the ones who are the greatest sexual sinners by average in numbers.  That is because there are more heterosexuals then homosexuals.  As Christians we must realize that we cannot rationalize one sin while condemning another.  Now there will be many who respond to me saying that I am wrong about the majority of heterosexuals deal with sexual sin.  Therefore, let me ask a few questions.  Have you ever watched a commercial in which there are beautiful women in less than appropriate clothes?  Have you ever watched a sitcom or movie in which sex between unmarried partners occurred (or even the implication that there were sexually active)?  Have you ever “fooled” around with someone who wasn’t your spouse (before or after marriage)?  Have you had inappropriate sexual conversations, listened to them, or told jokes?  I could go on and on with this, but I believe and hope the point has been made.  We live in a highly sexualized society.  Did God create sex?  Yes He did.  He created for two purposes. First for procreation.  Secondly for enjoyment and fulfillment within His design of marriage.  Anytime we enjoy either of those benefits outside of God’s design which is marriage between a man and a woman, we are committing sexual sin.  Watching, listening, talking, and/or participating in anything other than heterosexual intimacy within the holy confines of marriage proves that we are sinners in need of a Savior.

Therefore is homosexuality outside of God’s holy confines, absolutely it is.  But then again so is the overwhelming majority of all sexual activity whether we do it or watch others do it on television.  This is where the conversation needs to begin both inside the church as well as outside of the church.  Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 6 that we are to “flee sexual immorality.”  He didn’t just say homosexuality, he said flee sexual immorality.  That is by implication any form of sexual immorality whether it be committed by homosexuals or heterosexuals.  The message the church and indeed all Christians must take to everyone is that we are all (sexual and many other ways) sinners who are in need of a Savior.  Not just the gay couple down the street, but also the single guy in our church pews who is “messing” around with his girlfriend.  Not just the gay couple at the mall or in the restaurant, but also the couple that is living together that is not married.  Let us not be consumed with the speck in someone else’s eye while we have a plank in our own eye.  May we all flee, confess, and repent of any and all sexual immorality, and seek to point others to the Savior who can deliver us from all sin.

By His grace and through His strength may we live for Him

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