So You’re Saying There’s A Chance

Springtime is one of my favorite times of the year. The temperatures are getting a little warmer, the grass will be getting green again, and there will once again be a wonderful, familiar sounds. Those sounds are the umpire yelling “play ball”, the smack of a glove as the ball hits it, the ball hitting the bat, and the cheers of the fans as they root for their favorite team. For the major leagues, they are still in spring training right now. College baseball has been going as well as high school ball. In fact, today is the season opener for the Smith Mountain Lake Christian Academy Ospreys. This is one of those days for me that an alarm clock is not needed. For most teams, early spring brings excitement and anticipation of what could be. For some teams it brings anxiety because of the pressure put on them with the expectations of winning a championship. But one thing is for sure, on opening day, every team has an equal record, and an equal opportunity to win a championship.

This reminds me of some truths about salvation. We are all seen the same in God’s eyes. Every since Adam and Eve rebelled against God in the Garden of Eden (Gen. 3), all of mankind was plunged into the darkness of sin. Romans 5:12 tells us, “Therefore as sin came into the world through one man and death through sin, so death spread to all me, because all have sinned.” Because of our sin nature, we are powerless to do anything about our spiritual condition. Baseball teams may get better by trading for new players or working hard in the off season. However, no amount of hard work can change who we are as sinners. Yet there is good news. Because of His love, God gave us grace in the form of His Son, Jesus Christ. By sending Jesus to this earth to die on the cross, God made a way for us to be reconciled with Him where there was no way before. He didn’t do it because of our merit or because we are good people. He did it because that is who God is. By His death on the cross, Jesus satisfied the wrath of God against all sin. By His resurrection, Jesus secured the possibility that we could be saved (Rom. 4:25). Jesus did what we could never do so that we might receive what we don’t deserve, and what we could never get on our own. The beauty of God’s grace is that it is available to all who will surrender their heart and life to Jesus. God’s grace becomes even more magnificent when we realize that we are never beyond the reach of God’s grace. The end of Romans 5:20, “where sin did abound, grace did abound much more.” This is good news for those who feel that they have sinned too often, or too bad. This is God saying, no one is beyond My reach.

So today, if you are far from God, know that He has come near to you. Know that His grace is available for you. In His love, God is pursuing you with His grace with the desire of having a relationship with you. You no longer have to listen to the lies of Satan that say, God would never love you or save you. He has proven that He will, by dying on your behalf, even while you were far from Him and running from Him. What I’m saying is this, there’s a chance! As God reveals your need for Him, confess that you have been rejecting Him, and your need for Him. He will give you the faith to trust in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus on your behalf. And by His grace, He will save you today.

If you have any questions, or would like to talk about what it means to be saved, to walk with Jesus, or to grow in your faith. I hope you will reach out to us here at Westlake Baptist. You can call the church office at 540-721-8784, or you can e-mail me at

Pastor Justin

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