Stephen Strasburg and Christians

Most people outside of the baseball world have no idea who Stephen Strasburg is.  He was selected first overall in the 2009 Amateur Baseball draft as a pitcher.  He is very talented, but has had some arm problems since arriving in the major leagues.  Many orthopedic surgeons attribute that to him throwing a lot of pitches and a lot of innings during his career.  So this year the team he plays for, the Washington Nationals, decided to put him on an innings limit.  The said he will only throw 160 innings, by the way the average number of innings thrown by a pitcher in the major leagues is around 200 or more.  The innings limit sounded like a great idea at the beginning of the season, especially since the Nationals thought they would be good but not a great team this year.  However, what has transpired is that they are a really good team, leading their division.  Stephen Strasburg is their best starting pitcher, and he is nearing his 160 innings limit (127 innings pitched at the time of this writing).  So the Nationals management is faced with a dilemma.  Do they change their minds on the innings limit and go for the playoffs and a potential World Series title (extremely slight chance they would win it), and potentially risk Strasburg’s arm getting hurt and potentially shortening his career?  Or do they play their best now and hope for the playoffs, stick to the innings limit for Strasburg, and build towards a brighter future?  You know we as Christians face a similar dilemma.  Are we going to live for the moment and enjoy the things of the world.  Or are we going to enjoy the life God has given us here, but always look forward the eternal life to come?  Jesus said in Matthew 6:24, “No man can serve two masters…”  Are you willing to delay full gratification now, or are you going to be an enjoy-at-all-cost person?  It may not always be easy to wait, but if we are faithful to God and we wait, it will be worth it.  Day by day, through His grace, may we live for Him!

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