The Gospel of Convenience

The Bible tells us that in the last days not only will there be false teachers, but that people will willingly turn away from the truth (2 Tim. 4:3). I think of it as people choosing to believe the gospel of convenience. What I mean by that is that people will pick and choose what parts of the Bible they like and which parts they don’t care for. This isn’t just a problem from those outside of the church, but it is also becoming more prevalent from those inside the church. A good example is a pastor that has taken issue with another pastor by the name of David Platt and David’s call for Christians to live what he terms a “radical” Christianity. I will say at the outset of this that I have read “Radical” and I am currently working on Platt’s newest book entitled, “Follow Me.” This particular pastor says that we need ordinary people living out ordinary lives so that the world will be drawn to Christianity. Again as someone who has read the book and reading another one, my observation of David Platt is that he is calling Christians to live a biblical lifestyle. After all wasn’t it Jesus in Luke 6:46 that asked the question, “And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?” Wasn’t it also Jesus just three chapters later in Luke 9 that taught if we are going to be his disciples we must love him more than our family, our possessions, and our plans for our life? The truth of the matter is living a biblical lifestyle is a high calling. It is not something that an ordinary person can do because it is a life that God must live through us. As one pastor put it, if Christianity was easy then everyone would be living a Christian life. But the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not convenient, but rather it is inconvenient because it tells us, it teaches us, and more importantly Jesus showed us that if we are going to follow him we will not follow the ways of the world. I will admit that taking the easy way out from time to time would be more convenient and more conducive to a comfortable life, but in the end I reminded that the path of least resistance only serves to make rivers and people crooked. The challenge that I see David Platt as giving myself as well as all Christians is a challenge that calls us to true obedience and a lifestyle that pleases God. I see my calling laid out in Ephesians 6:6 which says, “Not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but as the servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart.” The question we now must ask ourselves is this, Will I answer that call and live a life of true obedience to Christ?

By His grace and through His strength may we live for Him

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