Think on These Things

One blessing we have at Westlake Baptist is this, we have several men and women who are gifted at teaching.  Therefore, from time to time we are going to post a devotion that they have written to hopefully encourage you as well as expose our readers to different styles of writing.  This blog was written by our Director of Missions, Linda.

Think on these things:

Phil 4: 8

How many times have you awakened in the night and are absolutely frightened or worried or consumed by something you are facing – or think you will be facing?   Many times, right?  And did it turn out as bad as you imagined?   Probably not.

This verse in Philippians is the way to quiet those worries.   Claim it!

When you are bombarded by those thoughts – and you know those thoughts in the dark are so much more scary than they are in the daylight, repeat this verse –  “Think on those things that are true,“  Find those things that you know are true!    So, when you are worried about tomorrow and a new job, or a Dr. appointment, or a new schedule for instance. Think on the things you know are true:  I have transportation.   I will have my lunch.   I am intelligent, after all I got myself hired: or I can handle this, one step at a time.  All those things that are true.   And the most important true thing, God will be right there with you guiding you through anything you will have to face.  PRAY for His peace to enfold you.

Director of Missions-Westlake Baptist Church

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