Unexpected Blessings

When my family and I woke up yesterday morning something was different.  Something had changed literally overnight.  There were no more babies in our home.  Our beautiful, sweet daughter was now a toddler.  Yesterday was her birthday.  Up until this time last year, my wife and I had been out of the babies at home stage.  Our boys were growing up, dressing themselves, potty trained, and two of them going to school.  However, on October 14th an unexpected blessing was born, and she came to live with us four days later.  Diana and I talked on October 14th, 2012 about the new baby that was born and at that time there were some other issues going on, so we weren’t able to go see Cataleyah.  Truthfully we weren’t sure how much we would be able to see her as she grew up, but God had a plan.  Even though we weren’t aware of what God was up to, God had arranged it that this beautiful , sweet little girl would come live with us.  Yet we still didn’t know how long she would be with us.  There was a lot of uncertainty surrounding the entire situation.  Even to this day there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding us with her.  I will admit that it is very easy to get drug down into the pits thinking about all the possibilities that go along with our situation with Cataleyah.  I admit that sometimes at night or during the day I will wonder, what if she isn’t with us this time next year, what if she is taken from our family, will we get to see her, when is the next time we will be in court concerning custody, and many other questions.  But it is during these times that I have to remind myself, I’m not in control and all of this worrying, and trying to figure out, and concern is pointless.  So many times we worry about tomorrow that we rob today of its joy.  On October 18th, 2012 when I laid my eyes on Cataleyah for the first time is a day I will never forget.  I got a call from Diana around 1:30 and she said that she was going to pick up the boys from school and go down to the hospital to get her.  I wanted to go, but I couldn’t because it was a Wednesday and I had a meeting before service, and we weren’t sure how long it would take to get paperwork and everything done at the hospital.  I can remember Diana coming into the church parking lot literally minutes before service was to start, and me going out there and just looking at this new little bundle of joy that God had entrusted us with.  On that day, I never gave a second thought about how long she would be with us, I just opened my heart up and began to love her.  And every day since I have grown to love that little girl a little more.  I’m sure those of you who are parents can understand this, all of this. From the joy to the concerns and worries and even to the unconditional love.

What if we approached our relationship with Christ like this?  What if we approached every day of our life in this manner?  Jesus taught us in Matthew 6 about worry.  He said that the birds of the air don’t worry about their food, because God provides for them.  The grass doesn’t worry about the rain, but yet it is green when it is suppose to be.  He ultimately told us that the key to being happy is to seek Him first.  When we surrender ourselves to Him and we seek to love Him and to know Him, the things of this world don’t matter as much.  Psalm 118:24 says, “This is the day that the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  James 4 tells us, “For what is your life?  It is a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.”  God has a blessing for us each day that we are alive.  The key to finding it is to seek and find Him today.  Focus on your relationship with God, knowing Him, loving Him, pleasing Him, and let Him worry about the details of your tomorrows.  Our family still doesn’t know how long Cataleyah will be with us, but I don’t want to miss the blessing of being with her today, because I am worried about her being gone tomorrow.  Don’t miss what God is doing in your life today, because you are worried about tomorrow.  God has already taken care of tomorrow and the many tomorrows that follow that so that we an enjoy time with Him today.

By His grace and through His strength may we live for Him

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