Ways to Stay in Touch During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Westlake Baptist Church Plan Regarding Coronavirus

We are certainly living through a time where there is much uncertainty and fear.  We praise God that we do not have to fear, nor do we have to worry in the face of a global pandemic, because God is still sovereign and still on His throne.  While God absolutely saw this coming, and knows what His purpose is for it; we as finite humans do not.  

Therefore, it is out of extreme caution, in the spirit of submitting to our governing authorities as commanded in Romans 13:1-7, and admitting that we are not doctors nor medical experts that we announce the following changes to our normal activities at Westlake Baptist Church.

Ways To Keep Up With WBC During the Coronavirus Outbreak:

  • With regards to Sunday school classes, we are encouraging each class to use its own discretion.  As of right now, groups of 10 or more are still permitted to meet.  I would encourage you to meet in someone’s home if possible.  If a class would like to meet at the church at a designated time, arrangements can be made.  If a class doesn’t feel comfortable meeting face to face, we would encourage you to take advantage of technology and have a digital class.  It is important that we continue to stay in communication with one another, pray with one another, and study with one another.
  • All sermons will be recorded and posted on our podcast as usual.  They will be up by Sunday afternoon.  You can get them for free wherever you get your podcast whether you use Apple or Android products.  You can also find them at www.sermons.faithlife.com.  All you have to do there is search for Westlake Baptist Church and you will be able to listen to them for free there as well.
  • All sermons will also have outlines on the Bible app that will be available for you to look at on Sunday mornings beginning at 8:00 a.m., and they will remain live until Sunday night at 8:00 p.m.  The Bible app is free for download on your phone or you can even get an account on your computer.  Just go to www.bible.com and you can sign up there.  Then, look for Events, and type Westlake Baptist Church. Important: You will only be able to see them when they are live.  You can save them for future reference if you prefer to.
  • We are hoping to utilize our YouTube Live channel to livestream Sunday messages.  If we are unable to work this out, we will record them and upload them to YouTube.  A link will be sent out for the YouTube channel.
  • We are going to plan on using our YouTube Live channel for Wednesday nights.  We are hoping to make these interactive.  A link will be sent out for our channel.
  • We will continue to write on the blog that can be found on our website which is www.westlakebaptist.organd when you get there just click “Blog” in the upper right corner and you will be directed there.  We will write our series, Blogging Through The Bible In 2020 each Monday through Friday as we have been doing this year.

Ways To Serve Right Now:

  • Continue to pray for those who are sick, doctors, nurses, and those serving on the front lines and battling this virus.  Continue to pray for the government, that God would give them wisdom to know how best to treat and eliminate this virus.  Continue to pray that God would have mercy on us as a nation, and countries around the world being affected right now.  Finally, continue to pray that God would allow the Gospel to spread further around the world in response to this virus.
  • Continue to call, text, or email one another.  While we may not be able to see each other face to face, we can still encourage and pray with one another.
  • Call our older members or those who are unable to get out and see if they need any groceries or if you can pick up anything for them since you are going out anyway.  Suggestion: When you pick something up for someone, arrange to leave it on a doorstep or back porch in case you were exposed to germs.
  • I am still trying to work with a couple of organizations to potentially deliver some meals to either the elderly or school-aged children who are out of school right now.  As those opportunities become available, I will pass them along to you.

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Justin

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