What Are You Doing Here?

What are you doing here? I’m sure that is a question that most if not everyone has asked about their life at least once. Maybe you aren’t wondering so much your purpose of life, but maybe it is more of you thinking, how did I get here? What circumstances in life brought me to the place I am today? I would argue that this second question is in line with what God was asking Elijah in our text for today.

God used Elijah to defeat 450 prophets of the false god, Baal, just a chapter earlier. The people of Israel were turning their hearts back to God, after seeing the demonstration of His power. Yet, the killing of 450 prophets didn’t set well with everyone. Jezebel put out a hit on Elijah’s life in the opening of 1 Kings 19. This caused Elijah to run, and run, and run, and run some more. As Elijah basically stops due to exhaustion, he lays down, and he gets woke up by an angel. But then God asked him a question. 1 Kings 19:9 says, “And there he went into a cave, and and spent the night there in the cave; and behold, the word of the Lord came to him, and He said to him, ‘What are you doing here, Elijah?'” Elijah back in 1 Kings 18 was calling the people of Israel to turn from the false god, Baal, and instead turn and worship the One true God. Yet, here we see Elijah running. Rather than trusting God to protect him, Elijah wanted to put as much distance between himself and Jezebel as possible. What lessons are there for us in this story?

  1. You must be privately what you profess publicly. One knock on many Christians is that we are often hypocritical. We say one thing, but then we do something different. Unfortunately, it’s not a completely unfounded claim against us. It is vital that who we are privately matches what we play publicly. It’s not just about our reputation if we don’t. Worse, it defames the God we say we love, and it harms the testimony of the Gospel we are proclaiming to the world. We don’t want people tripping over us on their way to Jesus.

That is the biggest take-a-way from this story. I did break it down much further on Sunday in a message about fear. If you would like to hear that message, you can click on this link: https://youtu.be/dnF5HRRE6Z0

Our life isn’t about us, it is about God. What will people remember about Jesus after they have spent time with us. Could they accuse us of being a hypocrite? Or will they see someone who is not perfect, but who is deeply in love with Jesus?

By His grace and for His glory,

Pastor Justin

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