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There is a story in the Gospel of John that I was reading again the other day. It is the story of the woman caught in adultery and drug before Jesus.  The religious leaders hated Jesus, and they wanted to find any reason they could to discredit Him, and get rid of Him.  In this story in John chapter 7 and 8, the religious leaders bring a woman to Jesus. They say they caught her in the very act of adultery.  They said, “the Law of Moses commands us that she should be stoned.  What do you say?”  The problem is, they weren’t even following the Law they were trying to use to trap Jesus. The Law said that they were to bring both parties who were guilty of adultery to be tried and then stoned once found guilty.  They claimed to have caught the woman in the act.  If they caught her in the act, doesn’t it stand to reason that they also caught the man in the act?  They brought her, why didn’t they bring him as well?  They didn’t bring the man, because they didn’t care about the man.  They didn’t even really care about the woman or the Law. All they cared about was trapping Jesus, and finding a way to get rid of Him.  Therefore, to try to accomplish this, they practiced selective justice. Why do I bring this story up?  I bring it up, because I believe we are seeing the same thing play out in our nation right now in sports, in politics, and unfortunately, even the church.  Let me show you what I mean.

As I was listening to the radio the other day driving, I heard an interesting story that posed a question.  The question was, why do some athletes who get busted for using PED’s (Performance Enhancing Drugs) get treated like a huge cheater, and others seemingly get a pass. The example that was used was Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds from baseball, and the Super Bowl MVP this year, Julian Edelman.  Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds were again denied entrance into the Baseball Hall of Fame by writers, because of their use or perceived use of steroids during their playing careers.  On the other hand, Julian Edelman has been talked about being a hall of fame player because of his performances in the playoffs during his career.  However, Edelman was suspended the first four games of this season because he violated the NFL’s policy on banned substances. In all fairness, what banned substance he used and why he used it was never released per the collective bargaining agreement between the players association and the NFL.  But clearly, there are two different standards here.

Of course the last 10 days have not been good days in my home state, the Commonwealth of Virginia.  There has been a bill proposed that would allow an abortion to be performed even if the mother was in active labor.  By God’s grace that bill was tabled in the sub-committee. Then the next day, the Governor of Virginia went on the radio and defended the bill, and then even went a step further. He talked about if a baby was born with severe birth defects, and the survivability of the child was low, a doctor could lay the child off to the side while they talked with the parents, and decided what to do.  I don’t care how you try to explain that, that is infanticide, that is murder!  Then a few days after all of this, a 35 year-old yearbook photo comes out depicting the Governor in a racist way.  For the record, the Governor now denies he was in the photo, even though he apologized for being in the photo the day before.  I wish that is all that had happened in Virginia, but it isn’t. However, I will leave that alone for now.  My concern with our Governor is that he openly advocates for open borders into our nation, as well as, he is open to providing access to medical care, affordable housing, and more to those who have chosen to enter the United States illegally.  Clearly, there is a double standard at play in these politics.

Finally, I am disheartened and even a little frustrated with some of my brothers and sisters in Christ.  I am saddened by what feels like a double standard coming from us in a couple of areas. First, from the photo of the Governor side.  Back when Justice Brett Kavanaugh was going through the confirmation process, there was outrage from many conservatives because of allegations that were brought up from 35-40 years ago.  Many said, “it’s not right to bring something up from that long ago.”  However, now that the photo of the Governor has surfaced, many of those same people are calling for the Governor to resign from office.  This isn’t right!  I do not condone the Governor’s picture either as blackface or dressed in a KKK outfit.  They are vile, racist, and absolutely unacceptable by anyone.  Racism is a sin that has plagued and continues to plague our nation, and as Christians, we must be on the front lines standing against it, calling it out when we see it, and working to help rid this nation and the world of it once and for all. For the record, racism is an issue of the heart. Therefore, the only way to eradicate it is by the power of God through the Gospel.  That is why this is a biblical issue, and not just a human issue.  However, we can’t cry “this isn’t fair” for our guy, and then use the same tactics on our opponent, and believe that there is nothing wrong with that.  The book of James reminds us that God doesn’t show partiality; therefore, those who are His followers, must not play favorites either.  The second area that concerns me does involve the issue of immigration.  This is a multi-tentacled issue, and I won’t be able to address it fully here. However, pro-life means to be pro-every life.  Pro-life cannot just be about abortion.  It must also include treating every person with dignity and recognizing that they are a person made in the image of God.  Pro-life means caring for and advocating those with special needs, the elderly, and yes, immigrants.  Again, I understand that there is a difference between legal and illegal immigration.  But a life is a life no matter how small or where it was born.  To fight for life means that we must fight for all lives. We must demand that our government treat every person from the womb to the tomb with dignity, care, and respect. We must recognize that every life is created in the image of God (Gen. 1:27), is loved by God (John 3:16), and represents someone that Jesus died for (Rom. 10:13).  This must begin with the church, with those who claim Jesus is their Lord and Savior.  Let us remove the log from our eye so that we can see clearly, so that we can “do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God” (Micah 6:8)

Pastor Justin

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